Seven Rhinoceroses’s skins



Josef Nadj



Gérard Gourdot, Laszlo Hudi, Marie-Hélène Mortureux, Josef Nadj,  Kathleen Reynolds, Laszlo Rokas, Joszef Sarvari, Silvia Sella, Gyork Szakonyi



Hélène Sage with the participation of Laloux (percussions)


Additionnal musics

Arvo Part & Ganelin



Pierre Jacot-Descombes


Set & costumes


assisted by Jean-Yves Bouchicot (set)

and by Marie-Christine Merzereau (costumes)


Technical direction

Benoit Madelon


Light operator

Raymond Blot


Stage manager

Jean-Claude André



Théâtre JEL



Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, Centro di Produzione Inteatro – Polverigi


Preview showing

Festival de Polverigi (Italie) – juillet 1988, with the support of A.F.A.A



Carré Saint-Vincent – Orléans, 24 novembre 1988

Danse macabre


“I, myself, am war”


Georges Bataille



“Nothing is more important than to preserve the fragility that is born out of suffering. We have all been maimed; our sensitivity itself has become one of the illness’ manifestations. The word for this illness is allergy. An allergy identifies itself with an organ, or with the whole of an organism, and introduces itself in the skin or in a pathologically hypersensitive nervous system. Something there takes it to be the substance of normal life, and it collapses within us. One can only choose between the skin of the rhinoceros and the allergy.”


Bela Hamvas



Fear of death, and death itself, is the knowledge most widely shared between men. In this sense, confrontation with the invincible power of death becomes a spiritual act, it constitutes our initiation. I myself received it from the tales of my grandfather, and from his own death; from the basic, stunned fear he had during the war of meeting his end there and then, just like that.

Just before his death, he danced his passage to the afterlife for me. It was a dance of pale, discolored trances, a farce on the earthly qualities of men as well as the ritual of a decaying body. He must have wanted, surely, to make his coming death seem lighter thus. For me, this dance came to be a learning process, the transmission of his supreme knowledge.

His death was terrible. His passing took place in a state of great agitation and turbulence, and his agony took 7 days. He was losing his voice, and his voice continued to tell stories. I couldn’t bear hearing them any more, those stories he needed to get rid of, but I understood them, because every day I slid into that pathological fragility he was engulfed in by tearing away skin after skin of indifference.

The agony took 7 days. The play recounts these stories.


Josef Nadj

History :


4 février 1992

Ville de Caen

Caen (FR)


26-27 novembre 1991

Théâtre Garonne

Toulouse (FR)


21 novembre 1991

Centre culturel de Foix

Foix (FR)


19 novembre 1991

Centre culturel Ibos

Ibos (FR)


26-27 septembre 1991

Festival international de Nouvelle Danse

Montréal (CND)


12 février 1991


Douai (FR)


12-13 août 1990

Hamburger Theaterfestival

Hambourg (DE)


18 mai 1990

Centre d’animation culturelle

Compiègne (FR)


11 mai 1990

Théâtre Limelight

Courtrai (BE)


4 mai 1990

Théâtre 71

Malakoff (FR)


27-28 avril 1990

Le Maillon

Strasbourg (FR)


4-7 avril 1990

Istituto Municipal Barcelona Espectaculos

Barcelone (ES)


23 mars 1990

Maison des Arts et Loisirs

Thonon-les-Bains (FR)


13 mars 1990

L’Espace Duchamp Villon

Rouen (FR)


10 mars 1990

Palais des Congrès et de la Culture

Le Mans (FR)


8 mars 1990

Centre socio-culturel de Beaulieu

Poitiers (FR)


6 mars 1990

Centre d’Action culturelle

Saint-Médard-en-Jalles (FR)


6 mars 1990

Le Moulin du Roc

Niort (FR)


1er mars 1990

Théâtre d’Angoulême

Angoulême (FR)


8-26 février 1990

The Festival of Perth

Perth (AUS)


3 février 1990

Centre culturel Leonard de Vinci

Feyzin (FR)


1er février 1990

Espace Malraux

Chambéry (FR)


26 janvier 1990

Centre culturel du Rallye Drouot

Mulhouse (FR)


24 janvier 1990

Grand Théâtre de Bourges

Bourges (FR)


20 janvier 1990

Centre d’Actions culturelles La Coupole

Combs-la-Ville (FR)


16 janvier 1990

Théâtre la Limousine

Limoges (FR)


11 janvier 1990

Théâtre Municipal

Saint-Quentin (FR)


4 août 1989

7e Festival international du Mime

Périgueux (FR)


8-10 juin 1989

The Israel Festival

Jerusalem (IS)


7 mai 1989

Festival internacional de Teatro

Grenade (ES)


20 avril 1989

Festival Springdance 89

Utrecht (NL)


11-12 avril 1989

Maison de la Danse

Lyon (FR)


3 février 1989

Les Gémeaux

Sceaux (FR)


26-29 janvier 1989

De Singel

Anvers (BE)


13-18 décembre 1988

Théâtre de la Ville

Paris (FR)


24 novembre 1988

Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans

Orléans (FR)


5 au 15 novembre 1988

Centre culturel Français

Belgrade (SRB)


6 octobre 1988

La Boîte à Musique

Auch (FR)


2-4 septembre 1988

Theater Spektakel

Zurich (CH)


19-21 août 1988


Salzbourg (AT)


2-15 août 1988

Halle K6

Hambourg (DE)


11-12 juillet 1988

Festival di Milano

Milano (IT)


6-7 juillet 1988

Festival Internazionale Inteatro

Polverigi (IT)