The Emperor’s death


Musical drama



Josef Nadj



Joszef Sarvari – The Emperor

Denes Debrei – The Fool

Marie-Hélène Mortureux – The little Saint

Gyork Szakonyi – The Doctor

Laszlo Hudi – The Magician

Kathleen Reynolds & Cécile Thieblemont – The women

Frédéric Lescure & Josef Nadj – The servants, The Philosophers



Gyôrgy Szabados


Performed by

the musicians of MAKUZ from Budapest:

The Court orchestra
Tamàs Kis Kobzos/Vocal
Istvàn Grencso/Saxo, flute, clarinet
Mihàly Dresch/Saxo, flute, bass clarinet
Zsolt Vasko/flute, piccolo
Ferenc Kovacs/trumpet
Miklos Mako/trumpet
Robert Benko/bass
Attila Lorinczky/bass
Tamàs Geroly/percussion
Istvàn Balo/percussion
Gyorgy Szabados/piano



Gyula Kodolanyl



Rémi Nicolas

assisted by Sylvie Vautrin






Catherine Rigault


Technical direction

Benoit Madelin


Light engineer

Raymond Blot


Stage manager

Michel Tardif



Théâtre JEL



Le Quartz- Brest, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, L’Hippodrome – Douai, Centre de Production Chorégraphique – Orléans



Fondation Beaumarchais – SACD, Alpha-Fnac



Le Quartz – Brest, november 1989

“There will never be a common identity between ideas and their potential implementation, for Man is only capable of designing and struggling within the limits of his mind. When God creates.”


“Evil spirits from the tales of ancient China come to life again, in the theatrical ritual of an impostor, where everything is illusion, mystification, duplication and simulation. Gathered around the fake emperor, a madman, a saint, a doctor and a magician weave, with the emperor’s courtiers, the frame of an imaginary chronicle, outside the boundaries of time.”

History :


8-10 août 1990

Festival Szene

Salzbourg (AT)


3-4 août 1990

Kampnagel Sommertheater

Hambourg (DE)


9 juillet 1990

TNDI Fondation Chateauvallon

Ollioules (FR)


20 juin 1990


Metz (FR)


12-16 juin 1990

Théâtre de la Ville

Paris (FR)


8 juin 1990

Centre d’action culturelle Pablo Neruda

Corbeille-Essonne (FR)


30 mai-1er juin 1990

De Singel

Anvers (BE)


6 décembre 1990

Carré Saint Vincent

Orléans (FR)


1er décembre 1990


Douai (FR)


9-10 novembre 1989

Le Quartz

Brest (FR)