Josef Nadj



Josef Nadj & Cécile Thiéblemont



Vladimir Tarasov


Light design

Raymond Blot



Bjanka Ursulov



Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans



Carré Saint-Vincent, Scène nationale d’Orléans



Scène nationale d’Orléans, 26 november 1999



1 h

Perhaps to love is to learn to walk through this world.
To learn to be silent like the oak and the linden of the fable.
To learn to see.
Your glance scattered seeds.
It planted a tree.
I talk because you shake its leaves.


Octavio Paz



Le Temps du repli is the first duet choreographed by Josef Nadj for Cécile Thiéblemont and himself. It leaves aside literature as a founding inspiration, which had been a constant in all of Nadj’s previous work, to explore a much more intimate territory, that of relationships between men and women.

Centered around love, its blissful moments / torments, the performance is one half of a diptych. The other half is another duet, Petit Psaume du Matin, created that same year, and which tackles the theme of friendship between men. For Nadj, dialogue is immediately possible between two men, whereas “with a woman, all the simple questions have to be asked again.”


“The couple as a unit comprises the possibility of all tragedies, because it is the bearer of an original sin: something broke within the primordial couple of the Genesis.” Thus Time to withdraw is the echo of “an archaic language, the forgotten language Man and Woman used to speak to communicate with each other.” By letting shreds of this language bubble up from the depths of their memories, without always understanding its meaning, Man and Woman will learn to look at each other, understand each other, before trying to “patch things up”, build their relationship anew, as a possibility.

History :


21 novembre 2005

Alliance Française de Bangalore

Bangalore (IN)


19 novembre 2005

Alliance Française de Madras

Madras (IN)


16 novembre 2005

Alliance Française de Calcutta

Calcutta (IN)


14 novembre 2005

Alliance Française de Bombay

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Ahmedabad (IN)


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Alliance Française de New Dehli

New Dehli (IN)


24 mars 2005

Centre des arts pluriels

Luxembourg (LUX)


20 mars 2005

Association pour la gestion et l’animation du théâtre Morlaix (FR)
17 mars 2005 – Espace pluriels

Pau (FR)


15-16 mai 2004

Projects Arts Centre, Festival de Dublin

Dublin (IRL)


10-11 mai 2004

European Spring Festival – Arkhangelsk Regional Youth Theatre

Arkhangelsk (RU)


21 février 2004

Théâtre de Vanves

Vanves (FR)


30 janvier 2004

L’Allan Scène nationale de Montbéliard

Montbéliard (FR)


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26 novembre au 3 décembre 1999

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Le Botanique

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