Woyzeck or the hint of vertigo


Free adaptation of Woyzeck de Georg Büchner



Josef Nadj


Performers (creation)

Guillaume Bertrand, Istvan Bickei, Denes Debrei, Samuel Dutertre or Franck Micheletti, Peter Gemza, Josef Nadj, Henrieta Varga


Performers (new versions)

István Bicskei, Dénes Döbrei, Gyula Francia, Péter Gemza, János Mercs, Josef Nadj, Henrietta Varga



Aladar Racz


Lights & technical direction

Raymond Blot



Théâtre National de Bretagne – Rennes, Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans



Théâtre National de Bretagne – Rennes, march 1994



60 min



Audience’s prize at 32e BITEF Festival in 1998 ; “Golden Mask” for best foreign performance  Masque d’or » in Russia in 2002

Alone among Josef Nadj’s works, Woyzeck ou l’Ébauche du vertige [Woyzeck or The hint of vertigo] is explicitly based on a dramatic text. Nevertheless, that text is a work under construction, or as Jean-Christophe Bailly wrote, “a form in evolution, stopped dead by the death of the author”. The manuscript Georg Büchner left behind is in fact composed of four distinct versions, four “rough drafts”, each more or less long, complete, consistent, detailed and super-imposable.


Rather than isolate one version, rather than arbitrarily extract a single linear account from these scattered fragments, Nadj cultivated their unfinishedness – and the repetitive character they give off. He hollowed out the text, disunited it even further, bringing out the author’s “voice” and his obsessive questioning of human nature and the inexorable march of destiny. Moreover Nadj has drawn a connection between Büchner’s precocious death and the madness that inhabited him at the end of his life with two key components of the drama: the crime of passion committed by the character Woyzeck, and the unbearable pressure exerted upon him – a process of dehumanisation leading him to madness and murder. In Nadj’s Woyzeck, tragedy has really taken place.

In a possible echo of the fratricidal war that tore Yugoslavia apart at the time of the piece’s creation (1993-1997), Nadj’s reading offers a vision of decomposition gradually gaining the bodies and minds.
Woyzeck ou l’Ébauche du vertige is crude, trivial, organic, a piece that has been skinned alive, where nevertheless a climate of burlesque reigns. Confined in a restrained space, misshapen beings, almost human in appearance, abandon themselves to their cruel play against a background of festive music.


Myriam Bloedé, translated into English by David Vaughn

Woyzeck or the hint of vertigo - by Jean-Christophe Bailly

This truth, first of all - known and recognised, but always forgotten : that Woyzeck is an unfinished tragedy, the state of a constantly evolving shape that the author’s death brought to an abrupt halt. Not a play in fragments, but a play in pieces : for the whole of pieces is not that of fragments, it is less noble, it has not lain in science and does not form itself into a network but piles itself up in a simple way, one stratum after another. Pieces displayed, piled up on the stage, here and there...


The voices talking in Woyzeck talk amidst the insanity that the law should not (or no longer) exist and that, for the poor, the place of the law should be taken by nature, but like an empty space : bottles drunk in cabarets, animals gleams in the night. Since it is written before « the poor » form themselves (or are formed) into revolutionary subjects - thus before they gather around a law or whatever can take the place of the law - the story of Woyzeck and Marie, although it is situated from a historical point of view, and even situation in the rat-hole of low sky Vormäz, in Germany, is beyond any heroic agitation, and beyond any biased or edifying recitation.


Jean-Christophe Bailly

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