The dust of suns


A piece by Josef Nadj for 12 performers in tribute to Raymond Roussel   



Josef Nadj



Istvan Bickei, Sylvain Blocquaux, Samuel Dutertre, Peter Gemza, Mathilde Lapostolle, Cécile Loyer, Nasser Martin-Gousset, Josef Nadj, Kathleen Reynolds or Isabelle Kurzi, Laszlo Rokas, Gyork Joseph Szakonyi, Cécile Thièblemont


Choregraphy assistant

Denes Debreï



Rémi Nicolas

assisted by Christian Halkin



Michel Tardif



Peter Vogel, The Art Ensemble Chicago, Malachi Favors Maghostut, Tatsu Aoki, Famoudou Don Moye, Conlon Nancarrow, Samm Benett, Kazimierz Serocki



Yasco Otomo

assisted by Fabienne Orecchioni


Masks and props

Jacqueline Bosson



Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans, Théâtre National de Bretagne – Rennes, Le Volcan Scène Nationale du Havre, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris, Le Carré Saint-Vincent Scène Nationale d’Orléans



Scène Nationale d’Orléans, 5 october 2004



1 h 25

The dust of suns


The title of this piece is taken from one of Raymond Roussel’s plays. Roussel never knew the fame he longed for, or rather the euphoria that he thought came with it, while he was alive, and to this day he remains a little-known author. But his life and work had a deep impact on a number of artists and writers, amongst which Marcel Duchamp, who claimed he owed everything to Roussel, George Bataille, Michel Leiris, Georges Perec or Michel Foucault.


The dust of suns is dedicated less to Roussel’s literary work than to his life and the way he lived it; to his eccentricity and taste for performance against the backdrop of a solitary life, interspersed by trips undertaken with an utmost lack of curiosity.
Josef Nadj admits a fascination for the extravagant life of this rich dandy, amateur singer, chess player, drug addict; for the way in which he made a piece of art of his life, building bridges between art and madness, art and death.

History :


26 janvier 2008

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Séoul (KR)


15 mai 2007

La Coursive Scène nationale de la Rochelle

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14 avril 2006

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Théâtre de Caen

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19-20 mai 2005

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19-26 avril 2005

Théâtre de la Ville

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14 avril 2005

Le Carreau Scène nationale de Forbach

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7 avril 2005

Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand

Clermont-Ferrand (FR)


26 novembre 2004

Bonlieu Scène nationale d’Annecy

Annecy (FR)


23 novembre 2004

Comédie de Valence

Valence (FR)


12-23 octobre 2004

Théâtre national de Bretagne

Rennes (FR)


5-6 octobre 2004

Le carré Saint-Vincent Scène nationale d’Orléans

Orléans (FR)