The Wind in the bag


A piece by Josef Nadj for 8 performers in tribute to Samuel Beckett



Josef Nadj



Istvan Bickei, Denes Debrei, Peter Gemza, Laurence Levasseur, Josef Nadj, Gyork Szakonyi, Henrietta Varga, Valéry Volf



Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer



Rémi Nicolas

assisted by Xavier Lazarini






Bjanka Ursulov

assisted by Lori Chardonnet



Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne ETE, Théâtre de la Ville -Paris, Les Gémeaux Scène Nationale – Sceaux



Carré Saint-Vincent-Scène Nationale d’Orléans



Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, 2 december 1997



1st price of public and the criticism for the stage setting to the International Festival of Theater  of Sarajevo “Mess” (1998).




“And yet I have high hopes, I give you my word, that one day I may tell a story, hear a story, yet another, with men, kinds of men as in the days when I played all regardless or nearly, worked and played. But first stop talking and get on with your weeping, with eyes wide open that the precious liquid may spill freely, without burning the lids, or the crystalline humour, I forget, whatever it is it burns. Tears, that could be the tone, if they weren’t so easy, the true tone and tenor at last. Besides, not a tear, not one, I’d be in greater danger of mirth, if it wasn’t so easy. No, grave, I’ll be grave, I’ll close my ears, close my mouth, and be grave. And when they open again, it may be to hear a story, tell a story, in the true sense of the words, the word hear, the word tell, the word story, I have high hopes, a little story, with living creatures coming and going on a habitable earth crammed with the dead, a brief story, with night and day coming and going above, if they stretch that far, the words that remain, and I’ve high hopes, I give you my word.”


Samuel Beckett, Stories and Texts for Nothing

History :


26-27 avril 2000

Scène nationale de Poitiers

Poitiers (FR)


7 mai 1999

Théâtre de l’Olivier

Istres (FR)


16 mars 1999


Le Mans (FR)


5 mars 1999

Théâtre Granit

Belfort (FR)


27 février 1999

Théâtre Feuillant

Dijon (FR)


11 décembre 1998

Le Fanal

Saint-Nazaire (FR)


23 octobre 1998

Festival Mess National Theatre Sarajevo

Sarajevo (CZ)


15-16 août 1998

Milenium Festival

Saint Jacques de Compostelle (ES)


10-12 août 1998

Theatro Nacionale D. Maria

Lisbonne (PT)


20-24 mai 1998

Théâtre Vidy

Lausanne (CH)


9 mai 1998

Teatro Victoria Eugenia

San Sebastian (ES)


24 avril 1998

L’Athanor Scène nationale d’Albi

Albi (FR)


21-22 avril 1998

Théâtre Garonne

Toulouse (FR)


9-10 avril 1998

Montpellier Danse Opéra Comédie

Montpellier (FR)


2 avril 1998

Halle aux Grains

Blois (FR)


25-29 mars 1998

Les Gémeaux

Sceaux (FR)


19-20 mars 1998

Le Cargo

Grenoble (FR)


24 février – 14 mars 1998

Théâtre les Abbesses

Paris (FR)


14-23 janvier 1998

Scène nationale d’Orléans

Orléans (FR)


2-21 décembre 1997

Théâtre Vidy

Lausanne (CH)