Les Corbeaux, a series of drawings begun during summer 2008 – lead pencil paintings, mineral, vegetable and animal shadows – help us better grasp Josef Nadj’s pictorial world and his inspiration.


“Early morning, in the misty state separating sleep from awakening, Josef Nadj observed crows, following their movement, seizing in his drawing the magic of the smallest instants, those we all know; but allow to pass by. Josef Nadj fixes these blurred moments into concrete lines. He stops drawing as soon as he starts analysing. It’s true one doesn’t see crows on any single sheet of paper. But what one does see very clearly is their bright and flitting plumage, their arrival on a branch that then vibrates under their weight, their piercing cries amidst their aerial dance an the sombre and exhilarating emotion occupying the observer’s subconscious”.


Stephanie Möller

Past exhibitions :


25 mars – 29 mai 2018

Galerie Camera Obscura

Paris (FR)


25 novembre-11 décembre 2015

Centre chorégraphique National d’Orléans

Orléans (FR)


17-31 mars 2015

Rive Gauche

Saint Étienne du Rouvray (FR)


28 juillet-2 août 2014


Périgueux (FR)


15-18 mai 2014


Pithiviers-le-Viel (FR)


10 octobre-30 novembre 2014


Bar-le-Duc (FR)


14 janvier-15 février 2013

Centre culturel Jean-Gagnant + Théâtre de l’Union

Limoges (FR)


5-31 janvier 2012

Consortium Centre d’art contemporain

Dijon (FR)


5-12 novembre 2011

Festival D’Jazz Nevers

Nevers (FR)


8-27 juillet 2010

Maison des Vins

Festival d’Avignon (FR)