Based on Canard Pékinois (1987)




Josef Nadj



EnKnapGroup – Luke Thomas Dunne (UK), Ana Štefanec Knez (SL), Jeffrey Schoenaers (BE), Lada Petrovski Ternovšek (HR), Matea Bilosnić (HR), Gilles Noël (BE)



Csík zenekar, Alain Mahé, Peter Vogel, Han Bennink



Jaka Šimenc, Hotimir Knific



Katarina Škaper

by Atelje d.o.o.



Španski Borci/EN-KNAP


Technical director

Jaka  Šimenc



EN-KNAP Productions



Atelier 3+1



Španski Borci Cultural Centre – Ljubljana, Slovénie – 10 april 2018



65 min

For the choreographer Josef Nadj, frequently described by the media as a stage magician, the revival of his first piece Canard Pékinois (1987) represents a birth of a new creative cycle – for the first time in his career he is stepping of the stage, behind the scenes and away from the stage lights, to give way to these six young interpreters.

At the heart of Dark Union is a tragic story of newlyweds who only manage to live a few fleeting moments of happiness before the impermanence of life steps between them. Nadj and the dancers try to evoke the gloomy emotion accompanying this sad relationship, which became almost legendary in his home town. The event that Josef witnessed as a child acts like a projection in his choreography serves as a metaphor for the passing of time and eventually leads us to the beyond. Nadj sees this new work as an opportunity for the new generation to face the core subjects of the story.

History :


20-23 june 2019 – cancelled


Bobigny (FR)


4 april 2019 – cancelled

Le Parvis

Tarbes (FR)


8 february 2019 – cancelled

Le Trident

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (FR)


23 novembre 2018

Desiré Central Station Festival

Subotica (SRB)


14 novembre 2018

Zagreb Dance Center

Zagreb (HR)


24 octobre 2018

Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Ljubljana (SL)


12 octobre 2018

Municipal Theater of PO Hviezdoslav

Bratislava (SK)


24 septembre 2018

Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Ljubljana (SL)


20 juillet 2018

Dance and Non-verbal theatre festival San Vincenti

San Vincenti (Croatie)


14 juillet 2018


Cividale del Friuli (IT)


23 mai 2018

Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Ljubljana (SL)


28 avril 2018

Horizont Festival

Miskolc (HU)


10-11 avril 2018 (création)

Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Ljubljana (SL)