In parallel to his show Les Philosophes (The Philosophers), inspired by the life and work of Bruno Schulz, Josef Nadj drew these Miniatures. 55 India ink drawings that can each be seen as a snapshot, a still frame.


All of Josef Nadj’s drawings are in a 6×8 cm format, probably to emulate the original format on which he drew his first sketches: rolling paper.


Easily transportable in a pocket, these drawings could be Josef Nadj’s personal diary, written with ink and quill. They display the minutiae, constance and composition that are central elements in his choreographies. The drawings are small windows opened onto an an imagination, that of Josef Nadj, that takes us from one world to another, in which no rest can be had, where every being, human or animal, can keep hidden, under a table, onto himself or behind a wall, another reality.

History :


2-26 novembre 2016

Médiathèque d’Orléans

Orléans (FR)


28 avril – 24 mai 2004

Institut hongrois à Paris

Paris (FR)


8-28 mars 2003

Le Volcan Scène nationale du Havre

Havre (FR)


20 septembre – 20 octobre 2002


Bruges (BE)


17 avril – 18 Mai 2002

Galerie Le Lys

Paris (FR)


8 janvier – 8 février 2002

Centre culturel Jean Gagnant

Limoges (FR)